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If you’re eager to lose weight and get more out of life, enrol in our successful programme and I’ll help you succeed. Joanne Reid Rodrigues - rapid Results Eating Plan
My new eating plan, Rapid Results, is designed to help you lose weight while enjoying plenty delicious, healthful foods.

Many tens of thousands have succeeded at Slimming Together classes, workshops, and my private coaching sessions. Browse my site and have a look at the various ways my Slimming Together programme can help you succeed too!

Joanne Reid Rodrigues, Founder
Joanne Reid Rodrigues, Founder



Slim, Happy & Free

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Slim, Happy & Free is Joanne’s inspiring new book out NOW. Buy your copy here and begin your journey to success and freedom!

Evidence suggests that 90% of people who lose weight regain it. How can YOU be one of the 10% who keep the weight off forever? Slim, Happy & Free holds the secret!

"Losing weight and keeping it off is about more than eating the right food. You have to get your head in the right place and Joanne is a master of that!"
Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, author of The Feel Good Factor


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